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My name is Tyler, and I am passionate about all things health, wellness, and human performance. I have a diverse fitness background that includes collegiate level squash and rowing, half-ironman triathlons, Jiujitsu, CrossFit, skiing, mountain biking, and more.

My desire to excel in all these endeavors drove me to learn more about the critical role of recovery in athletic performance.

My athletic journey began in high school when I started to get serious about sports. To keep up with fitter and more naturally talented athletes on my team, I began seeking alternative ways to gain an edge.

I was willing to give everything I had in practice; I just needed to make sure my body could keep up with how hard I was pushing. This quest to tilt the odds in my favor led me to explore and prioritize the recovery element of training, something that was only an afterthought for most people at the time.


My goal for this site is to share the products I am using, books I am reading, and interesting trends and insights from across the industry. 

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